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Since 1986 we provide for you the services of the highest standard in the scope of printing and production of packaging. From the beginning of our activity, we believe in reliability, quality and timeliness of the performed commissions.

Cardboard packaging

Solid paperboard packaging

We produce packaging for food, chemical, footwear, industrial, and toy sector. Cardboard boxes are made of various types of solid cardboards of parameters properly adjusted to the specification of the product. We also offer the pursuance on the FSC® certified paper in accordance with the requirements of the Chain of Custody Control. Graphic design can be enriched with the ennoblements, such as:

– varnishes (dispersive, UV or hybrid),
– embossing of the chosen parts of print,
– hot-stamping,
– lamination by matt foil, shiny foil or soft touch foil.

PREMIUM cardboard packaging

We can offer to our customers, exclusive packaging printed in modern LED UV technology.
In addition, boxes can be enriched by hot-stamping, lamination by various foils and the unique effect of drip off varnish.
They are ideal packaging for premium products, like f.ex. exclusive alcohols.


Paperboard packaging – packaging made of laminated corrugated paperboard.

Laminated packaging constitute the elite of packaging. They are characterized by the great strength and durability. They perfectly protect the products, e.g. during the transportation and warehousing, and maintain aesthetic values of the offset print. The feature that differentiate the laminated packaging, laminated boxes is the possibility to apply decorative scaleboards that are connected with the high quality corrugated paperboard. Applied raw materials enable to receive the unique character of the products and enrich them with the features of exclusiveness There is a possibility to enrich the surface of the boxes by:

– local or whole surface varnishing by dispersive or UV varnish.
– embossing of the chosen parts of print,
– hot-stamping,
– lamination by matt foil, shiny foil or soft touch foil.

Any packaging, cardboard or paperboard box is adjusted to the requirements of the Customer. Our graphic artists and process engineers offer the professional support in the creation of graphic design as well as structural solutions. We have 30 years of experience in printing.

Blister cards

We are one of the leading producers of blister cards in the country. The years of experience allowed us to develop the unique solutions in the scope of choosing the heat-sealing, heat resistant and ground coat varnishes.
The applied combinations of varnishes produce the perfect heat-sealing parameters of our blister cards. Our customers save time, energy and as the result of it money.

All produced blister cards undergo various examinations and tests on Illig heat sealing station.

The pursuance of blister cards is performed also on the FSC® certified paper in accordance with the requirements of the Chain of Custody Control. The biggest blister type packaging producers trusted in our quality. Now it is time for you!

Footwear boxes

Print Cycero printing house is a leading producer of footwear boxes in the region. We produce footwear boxes made of laminated microwave printed by means of scaleboard.

At the request of the customer, our footwear boxes can be enriched with the followings techniques:
– UV varnish,
– hybrid varnish,
– gilding,
– paper embossing.

We produce footwear boxes made of laminated microwave printed by means of scaleboard.

We also constantly offer footwear boxes for universal shoes (without individual imprint) either with the instructions for use or without. We guarantee low prices and very high quality.


Labels constitute the key element of various kinds of packaging that require the proper printing project and technique. As the producer of the labels, Print Cycero, has 25-yea experience in their production.

We recommend the wide range of labels printed in the form of sheet for either processed fruit and vegetables or juices, drinks, alcohols, etc.

We offer all types of labels for adhesive machines as well as manual gluing that are performed on the label, chalk overlay, self-adhesive, normal, water and alkali-resistant papers. We also offer the pursuance on the FSC® certified paper in accordance with the requirements of the Chain of Custody Control.

Advertising materials


We are aware of the value of advertising materials as the important feature influencing the image of the company. We make every effort so as the products manufactured by us helped in building the image of the Customer. The catalogues and brochures can be enriched with the stylish UV varnishing, lamination or hot-stamping at your request. Every commission is treated individually and we will help you to choose the proper technique, raw material or the manner of binding.


We offer to produce single-plane and multi-plane wall calendars as well as three sectional, pocket, standing calendars or planners. The perfect quality of print as well as wide possibilities of enriching the surface by means of, e.g. UV varnishing or hot-stamping will contribute to the fact that during the whole year they will constitute an excellent advertising medium as well as beautiful embellishment of offices, company or private facilities.


Innovative combination of hot-stamping, varnishing and paper embossing allows us to create the unique top class booklets for you Booklets constitute an excellent medium of information on the product or services. Our booklets draw attention of the Customer due to the applied creative solutions and the quality of the product.


Practical and very common form of advertisement, in particular, during the direct product presentation. In order to meet your requirements we created the base of standard patterns but we also pursue the individual projects at the request of the Customer. These products are characterized by the rich graphic design, wide possibilities of enriching the surface by means of hot-stamping, partial or total UV varnishing as well as lamination and embossing.


Mini catalogue is a simple, handy, and inexpensive form of advertisement. Attached to the product, it does not require to involve additional financial means for the presentation of your offer via other media. It may include any text compliant with your needs: information on product, portfolio, wishes for special events or other texts. The greatest asset of mini catalogues is their economic character. The cards of mini catalogues are glued along book spines. They are not sewed by wire. We provide rich graphic design and the highest quality of the product.


We offer very wide offer of various types of advertising leaflets printed in various sizes and production versions. Printed one sided and double sided print in the form of a single folded card as well as folded in various manners. Leaflet is the cheapest form of printed advertisement and subsequently it is the most convenient in distribution. Please, make orders.


We are able to pursue every atypical commission for printing advertising materials. These can be, for example, stands, advertising wobblers, etc. Their graphic form is limited to our and your imagination.

Taken form our references

By means of this reference letter, Krakowskie Zakłady Zielarskie Herbapol w Krakowie SA [Cracow Herbal Company Herbapol in Cracow SA] desires to certify the high professionalism of the employees and the good quality of the packaging produced by Print Cycero printing house.
mgr inż. Alina Lekstan

The President of the Management Board, Krakowskie Zakłady Zielarskie Herbapol w Krakowie SA

I can assure with the highest responsibility that PRINT CYCERO PRINTINGHOUSE Sp. z o.o. is the company that is worth recommending.

Our 12-year cooperation in the scope of carton boxes and pallets for blister heat sealing as well as packing boxes has been very productive and developmental.

Krzysztof Sapeta

Facility Director, Przedsiębiorstwo Chemistik S.J.

Cooperation with Print Cycero Printing House Sp.z o.o. Sp.k. ul.Wojska Polskiego 6; 42-100 Kłobuck is very good.

Pursuance of orders and deliveries always on time.

Competencies of employees and the quality of the performed commissions at the high level.

Aleksandra Nawrocka

Bakalland S.A, Wyszukane przyjemności, Warszawa

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