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About us

We have been working for you for over 30 years, constantly improving the quality of our services.

Years of experience, advanced technology park, highly trained staff, the most modern in the world UV-LED printing technology – all this enables us to meet the unique expectations of our customers.

About our printing house

‘Print Cycero’ printing house, the packaging producer, was established in 1986 as a family business. From the beginning our main objective was to achieve the highest quality of our products.

We specialise in packaging. Highly processed cardboard boxes enriched with hot stamping, lamination, UV or hybrid varnishes. We specialise in blister carton boxes and labels. We also produce laminated corrugated paperboard boxes. Among our customers there are renowned national and foreign companies. The recipients value us for our experience, high quality of our products as well as pleasant and professional service.

After nearly 30 years of continuous investments we work in the modern production hall of the area amounting to 5000 m2. We own technically advanced machinery park. Due to this fact we have the possibility to pursue the most complex commissions. As the one of not many printing houses we use multicolour printing machine that operates in the most modern global UV-LED printing technology.

This technology allows to print on any surfaces, including non-absorbent and metallised surfaces as well as plastics. In the one passage we have the possibility to apply the combination of UV as well as Drip-Off varnishes.

As the one of not many printing companies in Europe, we have Heidelberg full size multicolour printing machine with two varnishing towers and UV varnish in the line.

Zuzanna Kula

Director / Co-owner

Good practices

In order to meet the requirements related to sustainable development in forest management, in 2016 Print Cycero successfully passed the FSC certification procedure.
The certificate allows us to give our customers a guarantee that our FSC labeled products were made from materials from well-managed forests and other controlled sources.

In 2007 we implemented an IT system that supports the management of our printing house. It was co-financed by the European Union. The project was pursued in the scope of SPO WKP 2.1. Project name: ‘Implementation of integrated computer system supporting the management of a printing company’. Sectoral Operational Programme – Growth of the Competitiveness of Enterprises.

The asset of our Print Cycero printing house is also a richly equipped prepress room. Our equipment is supplemented with solid and pleasant service of experienced operators. In order to guarantee the highest quality of offered by our DTP, we develop our machine fleet. We continuously offer new technological solutions. We have matrix laser image setter (CTP), and the certified system of digital proofing. It is pursued by the application of the latest EPSON equipment.

Quality policy

We provide our customers with the proper, administered by system pursuance of all business processes influencing the quality of the provided services pursuant to Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2015 standard that guarantees the monitoring of all the processes in the scope of effectiveness and efficiency as well as development, and adjustment to the constantly changing market and technological conditions as well as the changing requirements of the Customer.

The activities that increase this value are undertaken in order to fulfil the growing and strictly determined requirements of the customers acting on national and international market.

The following aspects, concerning the operation of our company, are of a great value:
– recognition, analysis and fulfilment of needs and requirements of the Customers,
– pursuit of achieving the compliance with the delivered product compliant with the printing art, requirements of the Customer as well as the requirements resulting from the provisions of law,
– constant increase of the quality of the provided services,
– pursuance of effective and efficient development policy of the company in the scope of organisational, technological, and technical level, including also the modern printing machines,
– the choice of professional and reliable partners, cooperating parties, raw material suppliers and materials,
– establishment of plans, objective reviews, quality tasks and their pursuance,
– constant improvement of human capital.

We declare mutual formation and pursuance of the quality policy by means of the conscious participation of the printing house team in the provision of services as well as in the constant improvement of this process.

The aforementioned objectives are pursued by the involvement of the management as well as the employees of the company in the maintenance and improvement of Quality Management System pursuant to the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

FSC® CoC – the Chain of Custody

We may assure our business, government or final customers that the products sold with an invoice or FSC label come from properly managed forests and controlled sources. FSC CoC system enables to trace the distance covered by the forest products, including every stage of processing, transforming, manufacturing, and trade. The transition into the next stage of the supply chain is connected with the change of ownership.

By developing and implementing the management system of the Chain of Custody, we guarantee the effective control over the every stage of the production process as well as the identification of the sources of the materials used for manufacturing products.
FSC CoC Certification facilitate the transparent movement of goods produced in the properly managed forests and controlled sources. It includes the information concerning the assessed placed, processes and the groups of raw materials from which those products may come from. Moreover, it includes the references to FSC CoC standard used for the assessment by the accredited by FSC accreditation authorities.

Licence code of PRINT CYCERO printing house: FSC® C128548 and certification no.: NC-COC-024642.
Validity of the FSC certification as well as the specification of the selection groups are available on

Our Printing House wants to increase social and environmental awareness along with the simultaneous support of responsible management of the forests all over the world.

Taken form our references

By means of this reference letter, Krakowskie Zakłady Zielarskie Herbapol w Krakowie SA [Cracow Herbal Company Herbapol in Cracow SA] desires to certify the high professionalism of the employees and the good quality of the packaging produced by Print Cycero printing house.
mgr inż. Alina Lekstan

The President of the Management Board, Krakowskie Zakłady Zielarskie Herbapol w Krakowie SA

I can assure with the highest responsibility that PRINT CYCERO PRINTINGHOUSE Sp. z o.o. is the company that is worth recommending.

Our 12-year cooperation in the scope of carton boxes and pallets for blister heat sealing as well as packing boxes has been very productive and developmental.

Krzysztof Sapeta

Facility Director, Przedsiębiorstwo Chemistik S.J.

Cooperation with Print Cycero Printing House Sp.z o.o. Sp.k. ul.Wojska Polskiego 6; 42-100 Kłobuck is very good.

Pursuance of orders and deliveries always on time.

Competencies of employees and the quality of the performed commissions at the high level.

Aleksandra Nawrocka

Bakalland S.A, Wyszukane przyjemności, Warszawa

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